Stuffed animals on Valentine's Day

Stuffed Animals for Your Valentine

Whether it's Valentine's Day, Christmas, or someone's birthday, stuffed animals are like flowers in that they're universally appreciated and seen as thoughtful.

There is, however, one major assumption here - that you're a guy reading this and thinking of giving a stuffed animal to a girl. Or anyone giving a stuffed animal to a child. Adult males don't tend to be as excited by the whole giant plush animal scene. That's not a universal rule, but getting a giant stuffed elephant is unlikely to really thrill many men.

So, with the audience in mind, let's set out a couple of rules to keep you safe while searching for the perfect Valentine's Day gift:

  • Avoid farm animals. While it is true that stuffed animal pigs, sheep and cows are cute, you run a big risk by implying to your valentine that you think a cow is a good symbol for her.

  • Spiders, rats and other vermin aren't such a great idea either. It doesn't evoke the cuddly instincts. One exception that jumps to mind is stuffed animal squirrels which are, in fact, adorable.

  • A lot of girls and women like to sleep with their stuffed animals, and so giving an animal large enough to cuddle with can be a good idea. In this vein, softness is an important factor.

  • Really, the variety of cute and well designed stuffed animals ensures that you should have no trouble finding a great gift. Just browse through some of the stuffed animal offerings out there and jump on whatever inspires you.

In closing, make sure to keep stuffed animals on your list of fallback gifts when you need something for a birthday, Valentine's Day or other holiday. You can range from an inexpensive 'thinking of you' gift to a very luxurious present. The stuffed animal options ensure that there's always something for everyone.