Stuffed animal and teddy bear trivia

Stuffed animal and teddy bear trivia

Test your knowledge of stuffed animals and teddy bears with this trivia!

What's the name of the first established stuffed animal company?

The first stuffed animal company was Steiff, founded in Germany in 1880. They were also one of the first companies to sell teddy bears.

In 2008 National Geographic set a Guinness World Record for what?

National Geographic set the world record for the largest gathering of stuffed animals. Kids sent in 2,304 of their favorite stuffed animals!

Who is the teddy bear named after?

The teddy bear is named after Theodore Roosevelt. Read our teddy bear history.

What is the word for someone who loves teddy bears?

An arctophile is the term for someone who loves teddy bears. It comes from the Greek words arcto meaning bear and philos meaning lover.

What is the traditional event which allows kids to get together with their stuffed animals?

A teddy bear picnic is a great stuffed animal and teddy bear event for kids.

What famous stuffed animal rabbit emerged for the first time in 1922?

The Velveteen Rabbit, written by Margery Williams, was first published in 1922.

What were many of the first teddy bears made of?

The first teddy bears were often made of real bear fur.

What does the term artist bear refer to?

An artist bear refers to teddy bears that are made by hand and designed for collectors. They are often made with materials and in such a way that they are not safe for children according to stuffed animal standards.

What did Theodore Roosevelt do to have the teddy bear named after him?

Legend has it that Theodore Roosevelt refused to shoot a bear cub while out hunting. A popular cartoonist drew a cartoon of it, and the rest, as they say, is teddy bear history.

What teddy bear did A.A. Milne create?

Milne is the author of that lovable teddy bear, Winnie the Pooh.