Stuffed animals top ten

Top Ten Reasons that Stuffed Animals make great gifts

10. People of different age groups all love stuffed animals! From a five year old's favorite teddy bear to a seventeen year old's giant stuffed animal dog given to her by her first boyfriend, who doesn't love a stuffed animal?

9. Stuffed animals come in every shape, size, color, and creature. Looking for a purple tyrannasaurus plush stuffed animal? No problem!

8. A child's first teddy bear or other stuffed animal is often their beloved companion for life.

7. Based on my own experiences as a kid, stuffed animals make great stand-ins to aid the imagination. I used to teach my stuffed animals and bandage their cuts.

6. Stuffed animals make great pillows when you're at a slumber party!

5. Plush stuffed animals hurt a lot less than other toys when your little brother throws them at you!

4. Stuffed animals give kids a less intimidating way to communicate what's wrong. "Where does it hurt?" The kid can point to his teddy bear's belly.

3. It's possible to buy stuffed animals in all price ranges. Whether you're looking for a small, thoughtful gift for a coworker's child, or a giant stuffed animal for your favorite niece, there are many great stuffed animal options.

2. Stuffed animals can be comforting influences for everyone, aged 2 to 200.

1. Who could resist a cute stuffed animal?!