Top stuffed animals of 2007

Here are some of the top stuffed animals of 2007!

Grinch Stuffed Animal: Christmas time brings us all back to the wonders of the Grinch who Stole Christmas, and what better way to celebrate than with the gift of a Grinch stuffed animal. Who can forget the Whos down in Whoville letting the Grinch carve the roast beast? The Grinch stuffed animal makes a heartwarming Christmas gift for the Whos in your life!

Yomiko Stuffed Dogs: Yomiko makes an adorable, cuddly line of stuffed animal dogs. There are Yomiko stuffed dogs made from a wide range of dog breeds, like sharpeis, pugs, prince charles spaniels, yellow and chocolate labs, yorkshire terriers, westies, german shepherds, and basset hounds. The Yomiko stuffed dogs are cute and lifelike enough to almost be mistaken for real dogs.

Gemsbok Stuffed Animals: Another hot stuffed animal in 2007 was the gemsbok stuffed animal. The gemsbok is a type of antelope that lives in Africa. The gemsbok stuffed animal is usually black and white, and has some cute horns on the top of its head. If you're looking for a unique stuffed animal, the gemsbok is for you.

SOS Stuffed Animals: SOS stuffed animals include a great line of exotic African animals that are also quite lifelike. The SOS stuffed animal line includes such exotic animals as meerkats, rhinos, alligators, and the much sought after gemsbok. These are great for the kid who already has all the standard stuffed animals and wants something more unique.

Leosco Collection of Stuffed Animals: The Leosco collection of stuffed animals are very high-quality, soft plush stuffed animals. Leosco makes such stuffed animals as otters, tigers, some fabulous wolves, panthers, pumas, and jaguars. These stuffed animals make great Christmas or birthday gifts.