Jungle, insect, mythic stuffed animals

These aren't your grandmother's stuffed animals!

If you're shopping for a fun new stuffed animal, as a gift for a favorite kid or perhaps a friend, you don't have to limit yourself to the same old teddy bear and stuffed rabbit your grandparents (and possibly parents) had. In these stuffed animal friendly times, you can find a unique stuffed counterpart out there for almost any kind of animal you can think of, real or imaginary. While you're browsing the myriad of stuffed animal gift options, consider these.

  • Jungle Animals: Today stuffed animals inhabit all areas of the jungle, parrots and other colorful birds up in the high tree canopy, monkeys, baboons, and lemurs in the trees, and lynxes, cheetahs, and leopards slinking along the ground. Instead of buying a house cat, why not give a stuffed animal panther or ring-tailed lemur?

  • Plush Insects: From multicolored butterflies and praying mantises to ants and caterpillars, insects can make original and really cool stuffed animals. And trust me, these stuffed animal insects are much cuddlier than their real life counterparts!

  • Mythic and Extinct Creatures: Whether or not these creatures ever existed has no bearing on if they'll make fabulous, creative stuffed animals. You could choose fearsome (or cute and cuddly) dinosaurs, from t-rexes to brontosauruses. Or, find a mythical stuffed animal like a dragon, unicorn, or even a minotaur!

  • Under the Sea: There's a whole other world of stuffed animals who make their homes in the ocean. You could choose fish stuffed animals, an octupus, a shark, or a friendly dolphin or seal. With so many options, don't settle and buy the same old stuffed animals. Give the gift of a fascinating stuffed animal, sure to inspire the imagination for years to come.