Stuffed animal gifts for strangers

Buying Stuffed Animal Gifts for Someone you don't Know

Occasionally you may need to buy stuffed animal gifts for someone you don't know. Perhaps your child is doing Secret Santas at school, or you need a Yankee Swap or Grab Bag gift. Or maybe you're donating stuffed animals to a children's charity like Toys for Tots. You may even find yourself buying a stuffed animal gift for a coworker's or neighbor's child. Whoever the gift is for, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing what kind of stuffed animal to buy.

Not gender specific: If you really don't know exactly who the stuffed animal gift will be given to, it's prudent to avoid anything that may seem gender specific. Avoid any pink or even light purple stuffed animals. Steer clear of "gross" stuffed animals, like insects or snakes. And certainly don't buy any stuffed animals which are clearly meant to be male or female.

Not scary: Besides so-called gross stuffed animals, if you're unsure of the personality of the gift recipient, don't buy scary stuffed animals. Avoid snarling lion or tiger stuffed animals (although friendly tiger or cowardly lion stuffed animals are okay!). And, especially around Halloween, be careful of ghost or goblin stuffed animals. Any stuffed animals that might be less than comforting to an insecure kid should be avoided.

Unique: One way to be sure to please an unknown audience is to find a unique stuffed animal. Perhaps you could give a dragon or penguin stuffed animal. That way, no matter what the kid's personality, they're likely to be intrigued by their new stuffed animal.

Old favorite stuffed animals: Instead of going the unique stuffed animal route, you could stick with the traditional mainstay stuffed animals. Almost everyone loves a good teddy bear stuffed animal. Other old favorites include monkey stuffed animals and rabbit stuffed animals. Think back to the kind of stuffed animals you and your siblings loved and I'm sure you'll make someone very happy.