Stuffed animal storage

Stuffed Animal Storage: Where can you keep all those stuffed animals?

Stuffed animals are nearly impossible to store effectively! People, kids especially, tend to own a LOT of stuffed animals. And unlike books or board games, stuffed animals do not store well. As they come in all sorts of funny shapes and sizes, stuffed animals often end up being stored on the bed, the floor, and wherever they fall. There are, however, better options for stuffed animal storage.

Many people end up storing stuffed animals in a toy chest. While there's nothing wrong with this method, stuffed animals are oddly shaped and tend to take up more room than they should in a toy chest. In addition, stuffed animals are cute. Kids like to see that stuffed animals are there. And for adults, stuffed animals can help decorate a child's room.

For those and other reasons I'm quite fond of either storing stuffed animals on a shelf or dresser (or both!), or better yet storing the stuffed animals in a stuffed animal net. Similar to a hammock, a stuffed animal net hangs from the wall or ceiling and stuffed animals can be tossed into it and still look nice and organized.

Another clever way to store stuffed animals is in a device called the Stuffed Animal Zoo. It's a stuffed animal zoo cage-like device which is designed to take up a minimum amount of floor space, but holds 90 stuffed animals. The Zoo's "bars" are easily bendable so that kids can take stuffed animals in and out with no trouble.

And filled up with stuffed animals, the Stuffed Animal Zoo is cute! It's the perfect thing to lighten up a child's room, show off his stuffed animals, and keep his best stuffed animal friends in the child's sight.

Lastly, stuffed animals could be stored on every other shelf of the bookshelf. Not only will this be an attractive way to display the stuffed animals. It also encourages children to visit the bookshelf often to take or put away their favorite stuffed animals, and perhaps pick up a book at the same time!