Stuffed animals for pets

The Best Stuffed Animals for Pets

Kids and teenage girls aren't the only ones who love stuffed animals! Plush stuffed animals can be the perfect gifts for pets too. Whether the stuffed animals serve as cuddly companions for your pet or as the object of their hunts, stuffed animals can be an indispensable pet toy. One important thing to remember when searching for a pet's stuffed animal is to choose a machine washable stuffed animal. You'll be glad you did!

If you're looking to find a cuddly stuffed animal companion for a cat, dog, ferret, or other house pet, you should look for a stuffed animal a bit smaller than your pet. This will allow your pet to easily carry the stuffed animal around. Many pets will even treat the stuffed animal as a sort of baby the way that little kids do, a stuffed animal to take care of and comfort (as the pet is comforted in turn).

For a stuffed animal pet toy, something for the pet to bite, chew, attack, and throw around the room or yard, a slightly larger stuffed animal may be just right. I would recommend finding a stuffed animal no larger than your pet as that may make it difficult for your pet to play with or carry around, and a larger stuffed animal may even intimidate your pet depending on his personality.

The most important thing to keep in mind when searching for a stuffed animal gift for your pet is safety. You should avoid stuffed animals which have any rigid parts, sound boxes, or zippers. Also steer clear of stuffed animals with button noses, eyes, or other parts which a pet could bite off and swallow. An easy way to know that a stuffed animal is safe for your pet is a to choose a stuffed animal designed for kids under three years old. This will tell you that the stuffed animal's filling is safe in case it is ingested (although stuffed animals are NOT supposed to be ingested by pets).

Overall, the best policy for finding a safe stuffed animal for your pet is to trust your judgement and take the stuffed animal away if your pet starts to eat it or use it inappropriately.