Old Stuffed Animal Dilemma

What can I do with my old stuffed animals?

I just don't know what to do with my childhood stuffed animals as an adult! I've managed to donate most of them to friends or charities, but I couldn't help but keep a few special stuffed animals that are in decent shape and meant something to me as a kid or teenager. But what exactly am I supposed to do with them now?

I'm not really the type of person who would have stuffed animals as part of my house decor. My tastes run more to the modern and uncluttered style, but it makes me a little sad that my beloved stuffed animal dog (basset hound I think!) and sentimental teddy bear are packed away in a box. Packed away well enough that, honestly, I'm not sure exactly where my favorite stuffed animals actually are at the moment! (But I know I still have them!)

There are certainly worse dilemmas than this one, but I wonder if anyone else has a good solution for their keepsake stuffed animals? What do you do with your childhood teddy bears, rabbits and stuffed dogs? If you have a creative solution to the plight of the old stuffed animals, I'd be happy to hear your suggestions!