Stuffed animals and kids

Stuffed Animals and Kids

Humans have a long and storied history with animal companions, and the joy and happiness of a stuffed animal friend brought to life by a child's imagination is a great gift. Children tend to have a menagerie of stuffed animal friends, ranging from dogs to cats to the ever-present bear and more recently into a wide variety of animals - horses, wolves, monkeys, penguins, turtles and even pokemon.

Children have the luxury of living in a world of rich imagination and make believe. With their stuffed animals, they always have students to teach when they want to play school. They can play hide and seek, or nurture and care for their stuffed animals. In many ways, it gives children the opportunity to mimic the child's life of being reared and educated and allows for a reversal of roles in which the child is empowered instead of at the bottom of the totem pole.

Stuffed animals can also be fierce protectors against nighttime monsters which lurk in closets, under beds, and form from shadows. With a ferocious stuffed wolf at hand, sleep can come more easily.

However, mostly stuffed animals are friends to confide in, to share stories and seek advice from, and a stable force in an uncertain life. Most favorite stuffed animals get a child's attention for years and years and serve as a link back to younger days and a source of comfort in trying times. Even if a stuffed animal is lost or forgotten for a time, when it is rediscovered the past fun and joy associated with that plush doll returns.

If you are trying to think of ideas when giving a stuffed animal to a child, here are a few points to consider:

  • Do you know which animals the child likes? Interest in stuffed animals tends to mimic interest in real animals. The only caution is that the child may already have several stuffed dolphins (if that's his or her favorite animal).

  • Does the child have a collection along any kind of theme? Perhaps there is a jungle phase going on, or a farming focus. This provides an easy way to have a thoughtful gift. Don't be too limited with this, as a child would have no trouble at all having a polar bear in their jungle!

  • If you don't have any good ideas, fall back on typical mainstays. Boys frequently like dogs, wolves, bears and other predatory animals and girls typically prefer horses, cats, and a variety of cute and domesticated stuffed animals.