Stuffed animal icebreaker activities

Stuffed Animal Icebreaker Activities

If you're holding a stuffed animal birthday or slumber party for your kid, there are a lot of fabulous icebreaker activities you can do with stuffed animals to get the kids over their initial awkwardness and get the party going. Just remember to request that kids bring their favorite stuffed animal with them, and have extra stuffed animals on hand for kids to "adopt" for the party in case anybody forgets!

Find a Partner

To have kids group up into partners for an activity, stuffed animals can match them up with no arguments or any kids being left out (provided you have an even number of kids!). All you have to do is have half of the kids place their stuffed animals into a bag. Once they're done, the other half of the kids (who still have their own stuffed animals) put their hands in the bag and take the first stuffed animal they find. Once they find the owner of the new stuffed animal, that kid is their new partner.

Meet my Teddy Bear

A great way to get kids to start talking to each other, particularly if they don't know each other well, is to have them introduce their stuffed animals. Each child could answer a few questions about their own stuffed animal (what's his name, where'd you get him, what's your favorite thing to do with the stuffed animal, for instance). Or you could have the kids partner up and "interview" each other's stuffed animals. They could then introduce their partner's stuffed animal to the group.

Make up a Stuffed Animal Story

Make up a simple story about some children going to the zoo and visiting the animals. Perhaps the animals break out of the zoo while the children are visiting and they need to track the animals down. Tell the story to the kids at the party and let them know that when their own stuffed animal is mentioned, they should make the appropriate sound. So, for example, the parent storyteller says, "And the kids went to the next cage and the bear was missing!" All the kids who brought teddy bear stuffed animals should roar and hold up their stuffed animals when the parent says the word, "bear." Make sure that your story is general enough that you can include the animal counterparts of any stuffed animals that kids bring! I see no reason why there couldn't be an Oscar the Grouch or Elmo living at the zoo!