Stuffed animal heirlooms

Multi-generational Stuffed Animal Heirlooms can bring a Family Closer

As a child I received a stuffed animal rabbit from my Aunt Jill. The stuffed animal was maybe eighteen inches tall and had some kind of bell in his belly that made noise when you moved him. My stuffed animal rabbit had soft white fur and pink satin on the underside of his big floppy ears. I named him Orville. Don't ask me why, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't after the popcorn guy!

Of course, Orville wasn't always the stuffed animal rabbit's name. The stuffed animal began his life in our family as Petey, so named by my Aunt Jill when she was a little girl. Orville had already lived a full stuffed animal life before I ever met him.

I truly feel that Petey/Orville helped to develop a bond between my Aunt and I that might not have been as easily forged without the shared love for this wonderful stuffed animal. After years of being comforted and entertained by my well-loved stuffed animal rabbit, the stuffed animal I always went to when I was most upset, I named my cat Petey, in honor of my favorite stuffed animal's former life as my Aunt Jill's companion.

And, once I have kids, I fully intend to pass on my stuffed animal to them, thereby strengthening a multi-generational bond forged by this lovable stuffed animal rabbit heirloom. (Read tips on keeping a stuffed animal clean.) I'll tell my kids about all the wonderful adventures my stuffed animal rabbit and I shared, and I'll encourage my Aunt to talk about my stuffed animal's life as Petey. My kids will then dream up their own name for the stuffed animal rabbit and the tradition will continue.

Eventually my long-lived stuffed animal will need to be retired, but his legacy will live on in the form of his own son/daughter stuffed animal, to continue to love and comfort for generations.