Stuffed animal glossary

Stuffed Animal Glossary

These are a list of some of the most common terms surrounding the production, popularity, and history of stuffed animals and teddy bears. They provide a fun look at everyone's favorite plush companions, stuffed animals!

  • Arctophile

    From the Greek words "arcto," meaning bear, and "philos," meaning lover, arctophile refers to lovers of teddy bears, or rather teddy bear collectors.

  • Artist Bear

    Artist Bear refers to teddy bears that are made by hand and designed for collectors. They are often made with materials and in such a way that they are not safe for children according to stuffed animal standards.

  • Artist-designed Manufactured Bear

    Unlike the Artist Bear which is a collector's teddy bear made by hand, this is designed by an artist for collectors but is mass-produced (making it a bit less expensive).

  • Michtom, Morris

    Michtom was the original designer of the modern day teddy bear in 1902. He received permission from Teddy Roosevelt to use his name in conjunction with the teddy bear stuffed animal.

  • Plush

    Plush toys originally referred to stuffed animals or teddy bears made of plush, a textile fabric similar to fustian or velvet. Nowadays companies often use the term plush or plushie to refer to any soft stuffed animal.

  • Soft Toy

    Soft toy is the common name for stuffed animals in the United Kingdom.

  • Steiff, Richard

    Steiff, an artist whose family owned a stuffed animal company, sketched and designed the first teddy bear in Germany around the same time that Michtom started selling teddy bears in the US.

  • Teddy Bear

    Teddy bears, named after Theodore Roosevelt, first appeared in the US and Germany around 1902. See Teddy Bear History.

  • Teddy Bear Picnic

    A Teddy Bear Picnic is a party at someone's house or a community gathering or barbecue where kids bring their teddy bears or stuffed animals, eat, play games, and often have a Teddy Bear Picnic Parade.